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With the overabundance of food availability, the average consumer is overwhelmed with food choices.  Making the best food choices for good health is not always comprehensible and clear cut. 

The Supermarket Tour will help you become a more informed consumer. It will provide you with information and knowledge to help you make better and wiser food choices for good health.

Tour is about 1 hour in length.  It is limited to 6 people to allow ample time for questions and addressing any concerns regarding particular foods.  Four is the minimum number for a group tour.  A handout with worksheets will be provided at the beginning of the tour. The Supermarket location is to be determined. The location will be in Somerset County, New Jersey.

The Supermarket Tour will show you what an informed consumer should look for when shopping for food. The following food items are discussed during the Supermarket Tour.

  • Grains

    • breads, pastas

    • cereals, crackers, cookies

  • Fruits and Juices

    • canned, frozen, refrigerated

  • Vegetables

    • canned, frozen

  • Dairy

    • cheese, yogurt, smoothies

    • pudding, custard

  • Meats

    • beef, cold cuts

  • Packaged Entrees
    • frozen
  • Packaged Snack Food
    • chips, variety
  • Oils/Fats
    • salad dressing
    • butter, margarine
  • Beverages
    • soda, sports drinks
  • Soups
    • canned
  • Sugar, Syrup, Toppings



At the end of the tour, you will be able to: 

  • Identify foods items that are most appropriate for particular nutritional needs (e.g. low cholesterol, low sodium etc.)   

  • Evaluate foods for their nutritional value using "Nutrition Facts" and ingredient statements.



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