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  • Purpose:   To provide participants with the tools, knowledge and skills necessary for success at weight loss.

  • Goal:  To initiate a 5% -10% weight loss for the purpose of reducing the risks of chronic health disease such as, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension.

  • Program Design:

    1. 12-week Weight Loss Program.

    2. Participants meet once a week for 1 hour session. 

    3. Participants work on changing 1 or 2 inappropriate behaviors each week. 

    4. Sessions are limit to 10 participants to allow plenty of time for individual questions and group discussion.

    5. Sessions are interactive and provide hands-on activities to reinforce learning.

    6. Participants receive handouts that support learning activities. 

  •  Learning Objectives:

     The participants will:

  • Observe their eating behaviors; become aware of their food intakes by means of a food journal; and, as needed, they will make dietary modifications.

  • Learn about portion control and how to plan healthy, reduced-calorie meals to meet their nutritional needs.

  • Plan a “Personalized Diet” based on the new USDA’s “MyPyramid” guidelines to support a weight loss of no more than two pounds a week.

  • Become food savvy and knowledgeable in interpreting nutrition labels.

  • Set realistic goals for weight loss and behavioral changes, as warranted.

  • Write and implement a moderate exercise plan.  They will learn about simple activities that with time can make a difference in weight status.

  • Learn strategies to help prevent lapses including controlling cravings and binges, in addition to stress reduction techniques.

  • Learn how to deal with non-supportive environments.

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