Grace G. Martin, MS, RD
Nutrition Consultant

Assisting You in Making Healthy Food
and Lifestyle Choices

Nutrition Counseling

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(NY and the Philadelphia Metro Areas)

G. G. Martin Enterprises offers in-home private consultations.

In the privacy of your home, Grace Martin, owner and founder, will take a quick look at your refrigerator, food pantry, and other food storage areas to assess food choices, and as warranted, provide you with helpful suggestions and recommendations to better meet your particular nutritional needs.

The Process

An extensive two-part questionnaire will be e-mail to you once you agree to contract for services.  The questionnaire solicits information from which a thorough nutritional assessment is made.  The contents of the two-part questionnaire are as follows:

Part I: Assessment of Medical, Laboratory data, and Medication/Dietary Supplements

  1. Client Data Profile (DOB, wt, ht, etc)

  2. Medical History

  3. Laboratory data

  4. Medications/Dietary Supplements


Part II: Assessment of Food Behaviors,
Food Choices and Dietary Habits

  1. Food Allergies

  2. Food Preferences, Likes, Favorites

  3. Food Dislikes

  4. Food Frequency Questionnaire

  5. Dietary Recall

  6. Food Establishments


Upon the return of the completed two-part questionnaire, a thorough nutrition and dietary assessment is made from your responses. You will receive a detailed report containing the following:

  • Findings and Recommendations for corrective action

  • “Recommended Meal Plan”

  • Suggested Meal Pattern

  •  “Weekly Meal Plan” form (Use to plan meals ahead on a weekly basis)

  • “Daily Food Record” form (Use to track daily food intakes)

  •  Four sample menus (from USDA)

Click here to view a sample report.

A one-hour appointment is made with you to discuss the details of the report. At least one follow-up session is recommended to assess your progress, and to address and develop alternatives to any barriers you may have experienced since your first visit.

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