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Nutrition Consultant

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  • “Grace is by far the best instructor I’ve had at RVCC. She is extremely passionate about her field, and it shows in her knowledge and   preparation for class. The material that she covers in class is provided in handouts that are a great tool for lifetime nutrition. I can always refer back to these materials.  I will reflect in the professors that had the most impact on me and Grace is on the top of the list. Thank you.”

  • “Grace is an excellent teacher. The best I have had at RVCC. She is well organized and knows her stuff.”

  • “I knew this course was going to be stuff for me but the instructor did a great job of breaking down the subject matter into doable sections.  She made it interesting and impacting.  I have substantially changed my eating patterns as a result of this course.”

  • “RVCC always provided quality professors for all of my classes.  However, Professor Martin goes far beyond the call of duty.  She is very detailed and explains the subject in great detail.  She is the best.  Thanks, RVCC.”

  • “I enjoyed this course and the instructor.  She made nutrition fun and a great learning experience. I have and will recommend this instructor and course to other students.”

  • “Outstanding!  I took this class to get science credit.  She is caring, prepared, fun and an amazing professor.  Beyond my expectation for a requirement class.”  

  • Excellent teacher!"

  • “I learned a lot from this course.”

  • “I loved this course. I learned a lot from it.  This course helped me personally as it helped my family.”

  • “Mrs. Martin is an excellent teacher.  She makes sure we all understand.  She is also available through e-mail, and when we really need her  we can call her and she will help us as much as we need.”  

  • “Professor Martin is very good. She takes her time to really help you, and she makes sure that you understand what she is helping you with.  She gives of her time sincerely.”

  • “I felt that this course offered a lot of great information.  I do feel as though the instructor expected a little too much from her students considering most students in the class were taking the course as an elective.  We were not becoming nutritionists or biochemists.  She pushed us to do better, which is fine, but I think she went a little over board when it came to giving exams.  She gave the most exams out of every class I have taken......”  

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