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Who I Am

I have been a registered dietitian since 1981. My interest in nutrition started with my own weight problem, a dilemma that has plagued me for many years.  

Tired of endless fad diets that just didn't work, I set out to learn scientific nutrition principles that would help me achieve a healthy weight, and improve my health in the process. This pursuit led me to obtain a Masters Degree in Food and Nutrition. 

In 2002, I introduced “You’re a Diamond in Disguise” – a motivational song to encourage individuals to value, appreciate and love themselves for what’s inside – a diamond shining bright.  The lyrics were inspired from the memory of a loving mother, who to ease the pain from belittling remarks about obesity, would wipe the tears and say to me,   “You’re a diamond in disguise, a precious gem of perfect shape and size.  Don’t ever believe otherwise!”

As an adult, I was motivated to lose weight to get a husband, which I managed to do. But unbeknown to others, I was putting it back on as I walked down the aisle to the altar.

For the next 30+ years, my weight yo-yoed many times over, but my marriage has remained steadfast. I experienced what I teach today -- weight loss is a long journey with a destination.  It’s not always smooth sailing. Expect road blocks (setbacks, intervening circumstances, challenges etc.) that may slow the trip.

I retired from the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services, where I served for 15 years as a Public Health Consultant and supervisor, during which time I conducted statewide training sessions on nutrition. 

I retired to pursue my purpose in life -- to make a difference in the lives of individuals who want to improve their well-being by making healthy food choices and lifestyle changes.

I have taught nutrition for most of my professional life. My teaching experiences include a graduate assistantship at Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ) and Emory University (Atlanta, GA), and 12 years at a Nursing School. I am currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Raritan Valley Community College, Somerville, New Jersey.

I have taken my training in food, nutrition, weight issues; my skills as a nutrition educator, consultant, and my countless “battling the bulges” experiences to new heights in my workshops.

What I Do

  • I work with individuals who:

    • Want to improve their health, lose weight, feel better about themselves; have more energy;

    • Are interested in making dietary and lifestyle changes for the sake of their well-being.

  • The Problem
    Medical conditions associated with obesity affects attendance, which ultimately may impact a person’s productivity.

  • The Solution -- What I Can Do to Help Alleviate the Problem:

    • Contribute to a possible reduction of the rates of absenteeism in your organization that are due to medical conditions associated with obesity.

    • Provide an opportunity for a possible reduction in health insurance rates as a result of lifestyle changes among your staff.

    • Help increase productivity as a result of improved staff attendance on the job.

    • Help improve your bottom line as a result of staff feeling better about themselves, physically and personally, by virtue of lifestyle changes.

  • The How's

    • Motivate unfit staff to take corrective actions for the attainment of a healthy weight and become fit for personal and health reasons.

    • Provide staff with the tools, skills, and knowledge necessary to make lifestyle changes which includes healthy eating and active living.

    • Prevent overweight/obesity in the workforce by providing information on appropriate lifestyles, healthy eating, and active living.

Six Reasons Why I Am the Person to Hire to Solve Your Problem

  • Personal Experience
    You get an expert who:

    • Has been on numerous diets for the past 30 years; has hands on knowledge with WHAT DOES NOT WORK; is prepared to help staff with WHAT REALLY WORKS to achieve a healthy weight, thereby reducing medical risk factors.

    • Understands the anguish of obesity, poor self-image, low self-esteem and how it may affect work place performance and morale; is prepared to show staff how to replace these feelings of inadequacy with  a positive attitude, which may improve performance.

  • Knowledge
    You get an expert who:

    • Can present “Must Know,” scientifically based information needed to achieve a healthy weight and become more fit; can show staff how to lose a modest 5% to 10% of body weight, and thereby reduce medical risk factors in the process.

    • Is ready to provide staff with sound, scientifically based “nuts and bolts”  information pertinent to successful weight loss, and with the skills to differentiate facts from myths, truth from quackery.

    • Has the academic credentials (MS, RD - Master of Science, Registered Dietitian; Certified in ADA Adult Weight Management Program) for credibility on weight loss issues and to make a difference.

  • Teaching Skills
    You get an expert who has over 25 years of teaching experience in nutrition and nutrition education. Her experience include teaching at the college level, Nursing School, Community Programs, and at the NJ State Department of Health and Senior Services.

 Ten Reasons Why Participants Benefit From My Program

At my program, the participants will:

  1. Learn how to succeed at weight loss, and how to keep from regaining weight for years to come. They learn how to identify frauds, quackery and empty promises. They acquire knowledge to make informed decisions regarding weight loss programs.

  2. Discover what they need to know for long term weight loss success; specifically, the rules of the game and how to play it -- Eat healthy, live a healthful life, be active and have a positive self-image.

  3. Learn to assess their individual Body Mass Index (BMI) and evaluate the data for medical risks such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes.

  4. Learn to set realistic goals for weight loss so as not to be doomed to failure. They learn that a modest 5% to 10% weight loss reduces medical risk factors significantly.

  5. Discover small, effortless body movements that when incorporated into daily living can make a BIG difference. They learn easy exercises to pick-up their pace, to pick-up their stride, to make them healthier at any size!

  6. Learn about portion control. They learn the answers to questions such as: What is an appropriate serving size?  What is the caloric content of popular meals at franchise restaurants?  At fast-food restaurants? How can I cut calories and not the taste when eating out?  

  7. Learn to make good food choices. They learn to identity nutrient dense foods, namely, foods high in nutrients and low in calories. They learn which foods make you feel full with low calories. With one’s appetite at bay, fewer calories are consumed.

  8. Learn to decipher food labels, to interpret nutritional information for the most appropriate selection to meet their needs. They discover that low fat is not always low calorie!  They find out what statements such as “25% less fat” really mean. They become a wiser consumer at the marketplace.

  9. Learn about ten medications, including anti-depressants, which cause weight gain as a side effect in some individuals.

  10. Learn how to conduct positive self-talk and improve self-esteem.

My Fees

My fees for services are competitive and affordable.  I will do my very best to meet your budget requirements.  Please contact me to discuss your particular needs.  It would be my pleasure to be of service to you.   Thank you.  Grace Martin


You’re a Diamond

in Disguise


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